LS2HTML MP3/OGG Webifier
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LATEST (Stable) VERSION: 0.02

Note: A CVS repository has been setup for ls2html. It contains the latest development code. (CVS directions, CVS web interface)

Project Note:As many may have noticed, this project has became quite stagnant over time. Unfortunately, life has taken it's toll. Although this script works, and more than likely will work for a good long time, I will not actively be performing new version releases other than patches added by other individuals. If you wish to either take over this project, or become a developer at your own leasure, email me at arkane AT Users DOT Sourceforge DOT net. (replace the AT and DOT respectively)

Latest News
A Howto has been written at PS-Heaven, a site dedicated to the Sony Playstation 2, walking users through how to play MP3 on your PS2 using a network connection, webserver, and the ls2html script. The URL is here

CVS Version 0.03
Stable Version 0.02

Thanks to the help of zyrnix, LS2HTML has been updated.
A complete code rewrite has been done, implementing new code logic, along with
the implementation of MP3::Info capability without adding in global modules to perl.
The new version of LS2HTML is in development, give it a shot and give us feedback!

LS2HTML MP3/OGG Webifier (ls2html for short) is a Perl script which traverses a directory of OGG or MP3 files,
creating an HTML file with a more visually appealing than just a directory listing.  It organizes the directories underneath
the current directory into a Subdirectory list at the top, and lists the MP3 and OGG files under that in another section labelled
"Files Available".  Using Ls2html, you can have a completely web-enabled experience with your MP3 & OGG files (without a webserver),
and even share them to the world using your favourite webserver software.  Configuring your webserver to point to the top directory
of your music collection, and your ready to go!

Ls2html was created (somewhat subconciously) as a client-side interface to music files on a webserver.  It's primary purpose is to
keep all activity (or at least the majority of it) on the client-side except for the serving of the music files.  No backend PHP, no
unnecessary plugins, and above all no unnecessary processor being used except to serve a static page. (and static files)

Ls2html is fairly new, and ideas for enhancements are greatly appreciated!  (As are segments of code to add in)
It has been released under the GPL license, and is freely distributed.  You may modify it as you see fit, but please keep the original
copyright information within the file if you plan to distribute your changes. ( per the GNU General Public License here )

A couple of philosophies are being kept with this application:
   Please visit our forums (see bar at the top), post any ideas you have.  If you make changes you'd like to introduce to Ls2html as a whole, by all means contact me at arkane@users dot sourceforge dot net.  ( replace the word "dot" with a  dot "." )

If you have ideas for a new layout, or any new enhancement, let me know in the forums.

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